Pendekatan Sistem dan Pemecahan Masalah Pendidikan

  • Amiruddin Amiruddin Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara Medan
  • Era Yunita Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara, Medan
  • Maulina Sari Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara, Medan
  • Siti Masdelina Siregar Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara, Medan
  • Tengku Lailan Universitas Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara, Medan
Kata kunci: system approach, developing schools


Developing effective school management needs to pay attention are two basic components namely inputs and processes. Component inputs need to be considered to comply with minimum service standards (SPM) or the national standard (NS) at each school level (elementary, junior high school and vocational school). SPM/SN at every level of the school include: currulum, teacher/staff, students, facilities, financial, organizational, and environmental support (government, society, and parents). Although SPM was the main concern, does not mean that good schools are exclusive, in which only certain groups of students (intelligent or able to be economically) are accepted. Nor does it mean that schools should have a versatile facility and infrastructure to realize the luxury of a good school.


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Bentuk Sitasi
Amiruddin, Amiruddin, Era Yunita, Maulina Sari, Siti Siregar, and Tengku Lailan. MODELING: Jurnal Program Studi PGMI 10, no. 3 (September 25, 2023): 65-76. Accessed April 12, 2024.

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