Developing Interactive English Reading Assessment Based ICT for the Second Grade in MIN 2 Nganjuk

  • Mukhlisin Mukhlisin STAI Mifthul ‘Ula Nglawak Kertosono, Nganjuk, Indonesia
Kata kunci: Interactive English, Reading Assessment, Islamic material topics


A lot of the second grade students of Islamic Elementary School MIN 2 NGANJUK found many problems in understanding their English material especially reading comprehension. Designing Islamic material for the elementary students and giving media learning can motivate them in teaching learning English better. Concerning these problems, a set of suitable instructional Islamic material and media learning for the students of MIN 2 NGANJUK for the second grade needed to be developed. The procedures employ in this study were doing need analysis, stating instructional goal, developing instructional material and media learning, conducting to expert validation, revising the material and media learning, trying out material and media learning and revising the material and media learning, In the expert validation and try out, checklist and field notes were used material and media learning as the instrument to record the feedback for revision to Final product. To collect relevant information for basis of developing material and media learning, the writer used instrument: interview, observation sheet, questionnaires were employed here. The product of this research is the units of Islamic topic and presented into Autoplay media learning.


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