Fenomena Komunitas Punk sebagai Paradok Produk Masyarakat Kekinian (Studi Kasus Komunitas Punk di Jombang Tahun 2017)

  • Wening Purbatin Palupi Soenjoto Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Nahdlatul Ulama Al Hikmah Mojokerto
Kata kunci: Punk, group, social problem, behavioral deviation


The era of milineum is a multi-dimensional era that produces many influences both positive and negative. And greatly influenced by technological advancements that can not be avoided by all parties and often lead to new, interlocking conflicts such as snowballs. The outbreak of punk groups is considered a social problem of technological products where troubled young people from home, school and the environment make groups with freedom and anti-establishment and are often regarded by punk groups as independent. But what happens is a community of young unemployed people who rely on votes to sing and live unworthy on the streets and not infrequently become public unrest if there is a quarrel among punk groups that led to the killing. Punk is considered a deviant lifestyle for young people and is currently emerging as a portrait of contemporary society and became a phenomenon in all major cities in Indonesia, especially in the city of Jombang. Punk is regarded as a counter-culture movement that seeks to escape from the "Prison" of societal norms in a structural order that has become dogmatized, certainly with an ideal view of life. A number of critics have emerged as a result of the existence of punk which is no more a "Punk Rock" or out of its historical setting and a social problem. This study is an attempt to find out the reasons behind the choice of entry into the punk community, as well as the activities of the group. Of course, this research will attempt to describe the life of punk groups in Jombang city from the perspective of  psychology, social and paguei theory.


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