• Evi Rizqi Sallamah STIKIP Bina Insan Mandiri Surabaya
Kata kunci: Education, IMPLEMENTATION POLICY, basic education


Education Policy provides direction for educational activities. Education policy formulation provides a forum for implementing it according to (Winstead, 2009) the most important thing in a policy lies in planning. Planning is the initial act as policy formulation but does not precede implementation. However, educational policies and the achievement of goals are not always in line with expectations, because there are often obstacles in the implementation process. This is also explained in an observation made by Governor Oyakhilome of Rivers State Nigeria for Educational Administration and Planning in 1986. As a professional in the field of education, it may be important to identify problems and implementation errors (Fides & Carol, 2015) . Policy implementation in the field of education is the main thing nationally and globally and has become the center of attention of western countries. This study aims to analyze and examine the implementation and problems of basic education policies in western countries. With the hope that it can be useful for other countries for the progress and implementation of policies in their country.

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Sallamah, E. (2022, April 23). IMPLEMENTATION POLICY AND PROBLEMS IN BASIC EDUCATION. PROCEEDING: The Annual International Conference on Islamic Education, 6(1), 13-21. Retrieved from