• stitnu al hikmah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Nahdlatul Ulama Al Hikmah Mojokerto
Kata kunci: Ability. Language, Pictorial Stories.


Research formulation whether through the medium of illustrated stories can improve language skills in group B children in RA Miftahul Ulum Oyoran Village Genengwaru Kec.Rembang Kab.Pasuruan School year 2021/2022 Aim to improve language skills through pictorial story media in learning. This type of research is a class action research commonly abbreviated as PTK, in order to solve problems. The subjects in this study were teachers and all children of group B RA Miftahul Ulum Oyoran Genengwaru Kec.Rembang Kab.Pasuruan School year 2021/2022. The number of group B children is 18 children. The researcher acts as a classroom teacher. This study takes research into learning children's language skills through the medium of pictorial stories in kindergarten. Research results of learning activities using storytelling methods with pictorial media can improve children's language skills. This is evidenced by an increase in the child's ability seen in the observation guidelines from before the action to cycle III, namely before the action / pre silus got a result of 37.81 %, cycle I reached a result of 49.69%. In cycle II it reached a result of 59.38%, and cycle III achieved a result of 74.69%. These results exceeded the research targets that targeted 70% success of actions I (cycle I), action (cycle II), and action III (cycle III), with different storytelling activities.

Bentuk Sitasi
al hikmah, stitnu. (2022, September 30). IMPROVING LANGUAGE SKILLS THROUGH PICTORIAL STORY MEDIA. PROCEEDING: The Annual International Conference on Islamic Education, 6(1), 558-565. Retrieved from