• stitnu al hikmah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Nahdlatul Ulama Al Hikmah Mojokerto
  • Lailatur Rosyidah
Kata kunci: Optimization, Inclusion Education Service Model and Children with Special Needs.


Education is the right and joy of all mankind without being limited by time, age, normal or disability until the end of life. But the reality is that not all children are born with normal circumstances or commonly called children with special needs. In this case, education services are needed that are willing to guarantee their education like students in general. Inclusion education provides educational services that accommodate a wide range of needs, learner backgrounds and educational services for children diverse according to the physical, mental and emotional condition of the child in one learning climate. Therefore, this study aims to find out how to serve inclusion education, how children with special disabilities in MI Semesta, and how efforts in optimizing inclusion education in MI Semesta.

This research was carried out at mi Semesta Kedungmaling Sooko, Mojokerto. Established since 1916 H / 1995 AD and established an inclusion school starting in 2011 which was pioneered by H. Dudung Jamal Aja. Inclusion Education is an education system for children with special needs to learn with regular children in general in the same place, where several children with special needs in MI Semesta have received inclusion education services with a model of education services in accordance with the needs of children with special needs. Children with special needs themselves are children who in the process of growth or development experience physical, mental, intellectual, social and emotional abnormalities or deviations compared to other children their age, In the implementation of the education service model used is a full regular kleas, regular class with pull outs, and regular classes with clusters where participants are included in the child of Tuna Grahita and Tuna Daksa. In an effort to improve the optimization of inclusion education services, several important points are needed, including: Up Date Curriculum As Needed, Communication thattes with Teachers and Communication that is tested with Students.

Bentuk Sitasi
al hikmah, stitnu, & Rosyidah, L. (2022, September 30). OPTIMIZATION OF INCLUSION EDUCATION SERVICES FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS IN MI SEMESTA KEDUNGMALING SOOKO MOJOKERTO. PROCEEDING: The Annual International Conference on Islamic Education, 6(1), 566-571. Retrieved from https://jurnal.stitnualhikmah.ac.id/index.php/proceedings/article/view/1337