• stitnu al hikmah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Nahdlatul Ulama Al Hikmah Mojokerto
  • Siti Ikrimah
Kata kunci: PPL, teaching, education policy, learning process management, covid-19 pandemic, early childhood education


This study aims to analyze the management of the learning process for Early Childhood Education (PAUD) after the Covid-19 pandemic in Jajar Lor Village, Gondangwetan District, Pasuruan Regency. The research approach used is descriptive qualitative. The research was conducted at PAUD institutions representing formal and non-formal channels. In-depth interview guide and documentation study were used as instruments in this research. The approach used in analyzing the management of the post-Covid-19 learning process is four management functions, namely planning, organizing, implementing and supervising/controlling. The results show that the four functions of learning process management can be carried out even with some obstacles in formal and non-formal PAUD institutions. There are differences in the learning process during the pandemic and after the Covid-19 pandemic, namely the use of the blended learning method by combining online and offline learning (home visits). The implementation of health protocols is also an integral part of the learning carried out by PAUD institutions. Suggestions for further research are management analysis on other PAUD Standards to provide a comprehensive picture of the impact of Covid-19 on Early Childhood Education and become input for policy makers to establish education policies in the post-Covid-19 (new normal) period.

       PPL implementation begins with observations of educational institutions that will be used for PPL, namely by looking at the potential that exists in the school which includes educators, facilities and infrastructure, the environment and how learning activities are carried out at the school, then the PPL implementation stage, before carrying out student PPL activities has been equipped with experience through micro teaching so that in the implementation of pursuit students can teach and apply their knowledge, the implementation of the PPL program which includes teaching programs in schools, teaching activities are carried out in 2 classes, namely class A with 26 students and class B with 16 students. Each student has four teaching opportunities, namely two times class A and two times class B which includes two guided sessions and two exams. PPL activities carried out at RA Al Hamidiyah Jajar Lor Gondangwetan can run smoothly and well thanks to the help of all parties, including: l ain Field Supervisors, Teachers, students and all school members. After the implementation of the PPL program, students are required to compile a report on the results of PPL activities that have been carried out for one month

Bentuk Sitasi
al hikmah, stitnu, & Ikrimah, S. (2022, September 30). INCREASING INTEREST IN LEARNING CHILDREN OF THIS AGE POST PANDEMIC IN RA AL HAMIDIYAH JAJAR LOR GONDANGWETAN PASURUAN. PROCEEDING: The Annual International Conference on Islamic Education, 6(1), 447-455. Retrieved from