Free Drawing Activities to Improve Children's Art at Ra Alkaromah Pandan Sekarmojo Purwosari Pasuruan

  • stitnu al hikmah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Nahdlatul Ulama Al Hikmah Mojokerto
  • Nur Hayati
Kata kunci: Creativity, Free Drawing, Early Childhood


Free drawing is making an image by scribbling, scratching, incising sharp objects to other objects and giving colors to create an image. This research is a qualitative research. Data was collected by means of structured interviews, observation, and documentation. Data analysis was carried out by data triangulation, namely comparing the three existing data sources and then drawing conclusions from the data obtained. The results of this study indicate that providing freedom in drawing can increase children's creativity and imagination and also develop feelings and skills when children do drawing activities, because drawing is a medium for early childhood to play while learning is more fun and interesting.

Bentuk Sitasi
al hikmah, stitnu, & Hayati, N. (2022, September 30). Free Drawing Activities to Improve Children’s Art at Ra Alkaromah Pandan Sekarmojo Purwosari Pasuruan. PROCEEDING: The Annual International Conference on Islamic Education, 6(1), 348-356. Retrieved from